More use and abuse…

Oh gee where do I start with this creeper?
Met him approx early 2014 off a dating site. Same old story, turned on the charm, showered with compliments, intense messages (100s a day). Like everyone else only available for day time dates and it didn’t take me long to tweak something was up. I assumed he was married, and cut contact within a few weeks of the usual pattern of ignored texts and excuses of where he was etc. being what was I thought the start of a relationship which he very much seemed to want I was like everyone else- believing I was the crazy one! He seemed very “up” and high when meeting up with him.  Assumed on something! I work in the medical profession and I recall he would mention narcotics a lot, once asking my thoughts on taking three Endone for a headache!!  He also gave the impression he was father of the year, wealthy and very busy! Mentioned the brothel, very quick to brag about accomplishments but seemed in he’s own world. I simply wasn’t interested and could see through he’s shit. Ultimately I wasn’t able to be a victim as I chose not to be. I hope you lovely ladies bring this creeper down before he does something or passes on stds or something! Would
Not trust him to not do something bad!

A lucky Tinder miss…one of many we’re sure!

I never met Andy, but we matched on Tinder maybe 8 months or so ago.

He told me he was divorced and that he owned a hair salon in Sydney.
I don’t remember ALL his stories clearly, but I decided that they were all verrrrry far fetched.

I unmatched from him after about a week because I thought his tales were lies (turns out they were!)

He found me on Gumtree!

May 2014 – January 2015

Andy answers an ad on gumtree, I’m looking for a roommate. I later discover at the time he at least had his girlfriend of 6 years who he lived with in Bellerive and a girlfriend in Sydney.

His lies include;  his age, being recently single, that he’s a lawyer and brothel owner based in Sydney who works away a lot, he owned a traffic control business in Hobart and later, his residential address.

He was incredibly jealous, if I ever mentioned something as insignificant as I’d changed the sheets he’d question who I’d had over.  He demanded I wouldn’t see other people (I wasn’t).

I got sick of his absences every second weekend, his unavailability on the phone, his apparent long work hours at Downer.

Not convinced of his stories I started to look for answers.

April 2015:
He finally makes a mistake regarding social media and I get his Facebook name (Andy David) he accidentally sends me a friend request and his second life in Sydney is revealed.

He smears this woman with any lie he can think of. He begs me not to tell her. Tears, anger, manipulation, tells me she will commit suicide and it would be my fault, promises to get professional psychological help. He did it all – I contacted her anyway.

December 2015
His father is killed in a car crash and I feel sympathy. After not hearing for a few days I go over to his house to check in and offer my sympathies. A woman is at the house, he is not. I foolishly decide she must be the cleaning lady, I’ve seen her walking his dog before too.

March 2016
He tells me he’s selling the hair salon he had with the Sydney girlfriend (story goes it’s my fault they broke up but stayed in the business for financial reasons). He tells me a story about others being involved in fraudulent financial activities regarding the business and he just wants to get rid of it.

He’s home in Tassie more regularly so I buy the story of the break up and we become friends again. Catching up for mid week lunch or coffee.
He continues to tell elaborate stories about his brothel (which I had already searched the abn – Cuzzas Pty Ltd if you’re interested – and street address etc and concluded it had been closed for some time. Potentially barely getting off the ground). His traffic control business that he wasn’t even a director of was under external administration and in financial ruin.

Everyday I remember a new story or lie he’s previously told.
i was quite lucky compared to many women who have shared their stories, i am a tiny bit sad for the small part that I believe he was genuinely my friend.
However, I can’t ever forgive the terrible things he’s done and continues to do to good women who give and have given him their hearts or for his children.

Just 17 Days ago…

I first met Andy as a sex worker, almost 2 years ago, when I stupidly accepted a booking after warning from another woman I worked alongside..

Much like the rest of your stories, he was pleasant and very likeable. He was very smooth and knew all the right things to say. I had given him a massage on a regular basis, whilst slowly building a relationship with him. At first our encounters were soley business, which gradually turned more personal and eventually turned intimate (yuk)

Andy loved to talk about himself, no matter the topic, he could talk for hours. Once particular day I asked about his shaved back to which he replied ‘I own a laser clinic and I have been having laser hair removal’ .. Just one of his MANY business ventures… Brothel, hair salon, laser/Botox clinic, massive property portfolio… The list goes on…

I was a fool who believed his lies.

He would visit me at my regular day job, having lunch dates and even breakfast before my ‘massage gig’. I found it hard to believe such a man would want anything to do with me… considering how we met, but he seemed totally ok with what I did, I felt completely at ease. I let him get close to me and that’s when it all began…..

He would play on my emotions, telling me he loved me and couldn’t wait for our future together. For me to meet his kids and have dinner with his ex wife, who he is apparently ‘best friends with’. He made life sound so perfect. Who wouldn’t fall for such a man? This loving man who adored his children and still (supposedly) supported his ex wife. What a catch!

It wasn’t until he started to become distant that I noticed something was up. One minute he’s sending me pictures of him and his dogs blowing kisses, the next, he’s heading off on business and I won’t hear from him for a while.. No notice, just gone. Stupidly I fell for it. It wasn’t until the third time this happened that I realised… every time he would cancel dinner plans was when he would be away suddenly for business. Huzzah! He’s a fucking liar! I tried to call him out on it and was met with a brick wall. I stopped all communication.

From time to time I would get random messages from Andy wanting to catch up, just chat or my personal favourite ‘go away for a weekend’. He didn’t get the message that I want nothing to do with him obviously….

2 years on and I still get seedy random messages wanting to meet up for coffee, asking about my relationship status, where I live and work and so on… The most recent was just 17 days ago.. He must be running out of silly women to dazzle and scorn..

So… whats this all about?

Andrew (Andy) Tchappat, is a misogynistic, sex addicted conman.  He has conned people into believing he is a lawyer, business owner, Casanova, award winner..

He has, in reality, simultaneously, conned hundreds, if not thousands of women into bed, into relationships, into giving him money, even as far as having IVF and promising marriage (Both when he has other relationships on the go, or even when already married).

Aside from the fact that he has passed himself off as a lawyer and other roles he has no qualifications for, we believe he has been involved in several cases of deception, possibly even fraudulent behavior.

In short… this blog is all about exposing him.  To make women (and men alike) aware that he is a dangerous psychopath who is not to be trusted.

For further history, read on, and look at this blog:

Andy Tchappat: A Warning