Miriam’s Story

Here is a statement from a girl Andy dated after Susan had left him.  Makes for interesting reading.  Especially the fact that even back in 2007/2008 he was already claiming to be a lawyer.




Andrew Tchappat rang me one day out of the blue. He said he had found my number on facebook and hoped I didn’t mind him calling. He said that he had seen that I had cancer, and was wondering if I was ok. I couldn’t remember him, but he told me that we had been friends many many years ago. My memory is pretty bad, so I accepted this. He said that I had known his ex-wife Susan through a friend when he worked at Vision Internet as that’s where she worked. I vaguely remembered a Susan working there.

He told me that he had cancer before in his leg somewhere, but it had been removed and he was fine now, and I would be fine too.

He also said that he lived in Sydney and was a lawyer for Channel 7 and/or Channel 9. He mentioned a lot of names of people that I knew as my husband worked for both Channel 7 and 9. He said that he traveled a lot and that he was moving back to Tasmania (I think – he was vague on this one…).

The phone calls kept increasing and he continued to tell me how wonderful his life was – he had a great career and earned in the vicinity of $200,000 a year. He told me that he drove a black BMW and that he owned 7 houses/units in Tasmania. He was vague on this too, as once he told me that he had just bought another house a few months ago, then obviously forgot he told me as he was unsure when I mentioned it at a later date.

He told me that he traveled a lot for work and that he was in charge of New Zealand, Tasmania, and Western Australia.

He mentioned that he owned 2 motorbikes (one being a Suzuki GSR and the other was a Ducati 996) and a jetski…and that he had traveled from Bellerive (I think) to the other side of the river on a JETSKI!


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He also said that he had worked as an undercover agent for the police force while he was with Susan. That what he had seen had scarred him quite badly, and he knew that putting Susan through all that was very hard on her. He said that she just couldn’t handle his job, She was the one who said yes, do it, we need the money, but once he was away all the time, she told him she wanted him to stop, but he couldn’t as he had already signed the contract. He said he could understand that his being away from her and the boys for work so much would drive her away. He said that he still had a great relationship with Susan and would go and hang out with her and her new boyfriend all the time. I was, at this point in the process of divorcing my husband. Andy was very supportive through this, and said all the wonderful things that I needed to hear. He began talking with my 11 year old son on the phone and saying how he had already bought him a slot car set for when he came to visit. He even spoke with my daugher on the phone and said how he wished he was her father. I thought this very strange and I felt a little uncomfortable, but I let it go and just figured he must really have meant everything that he had said. He told me that he had been in love with me for about 10 years, even before he married Susan. He said that the only reason he didn’t approach me was because I always had a boyfriend. He said that Susan was aware of his feelings for me, and when he mentioned to her that he was talking to me on the phone, that Susan had encouraged him to pursue me. My divorce was meant to be final at the end of January, but I decided to give it a go with my husband, and Andy was devastated and crying when I told him the news. We had not committed to anything at this point, and I had never said I had feelings for him. He was saying that he loved me on the phone, but I would never say it back. He would call me all the time asking if I was ok and promising me the world. He would always mention the heaps of travel he had to do for his job. Once he said he had to go to WA for work, and he rang me while he was there, saying that he had graduated from some program for lawyers and he was one of only two in Australia or something and that overnight he has received a $40,000 pay increase, and was at a dinner about to give his acceptance speech. He also made constant mention of many women all wanting him, and he would always tell me that he would say to them ‘there is only one woman who has my heart’. Etc etc. He also asked me if I liked It Takes Two and told me that he had tickets for us to go and be in the audience due to his connections at Channel 7. He told me that he had recently been to Ecuador (where I grew up) on work with Channel 7 and loved it and wanted to go back. He said that he had already paid for a trip for himself and me to go to Ecuador in July 2008, but that he had postponed it when I decided to work things out with my husband. He told my son that this trip was happening and that we would see him when we were there (my son would have been there already visiting his father). He said that the tickets had to be used up by January 2009 and that they would be there waiting for me, even if I just wanted to be friends. He kept saying that he didn’t mind if nothing happened between us, so long as we could remain good friends. I had decided to come home to Tasmania for Easter (thing with my husband had not improved, and I was deciding if I wanted to move back to Tasmania or not, I had already told my husband that I was). Andy told me that he would book and pay for my flights and that I could use his car while I was there. I just needed to fly into Hobart instead of Launceston I mentioned this to my husband, and he said that he would rather pay for the flights. So I cancelled the ones I had booked that Andy said he would reimburse me for, and I rebooked flights into Launceston so I wouldn’t be picked up by Andy. I ended up meeting Andy for lunch one afternoon while we were there, with my kids, and he seemed great with the kids. We had lunch and talked and got along great. I organized babysitters and we went out on the Saturday night and had a great time. He paid for everything and led me to believe that he was very rich…not just that, but caring and wonderful. Andrew kept insisting that I move back to Tasmania and that he would help me relocate. Even if it was as friends, but by this time he was declaring that he would be 100% faithful and that he would commit himself to me totally. That I was worth the wait and that he loved me with all his heart. He was calling me princess and his ‘rock’. He said if I came back that he would help by paying $100 towards my rent until I found a job and that he would give me a visa card that was linked to his bank account; He even told me that he wanted me to be in charge of his finances! I didn’t want to get into a relationship so soon after leaving my husband, so I was taking things a bit slower. But then things just seemed so great, it was like we were a couple. I returned to Adelaide to collect my things and drive back to Tasmania. During this time, my husband took off with our daughter and didn’t return her. I was told to return to Tasmania and file in the courts to get her back. Andrew, this whole time, was telling me that he was a lawyer and would help me get her back. HE WAS GIVING ME LEGAL ADVICE!!! He was also teaming up with my friend (another lawyer) to get my child back. They would call each other constantly, saying it was all to help me. But I very rarely heard from the friend. In the end, I got the child back, and came back to Tasmania. It was suggested that I come down to Hobart with Andy for 6 or so weeks with my child to recover from what was going on. On one occasion when we were in Launceston, Andy had organized a test drive for a BMW X5, saying that if I liked it he would buy it for us so all our kids would fit. He even took it out to my parents and let my dad drive it! He said that he had owned 4 BMW’s already and that they knew him at the dealership and loved him because he always bought their cars. Andy said that it was important for us to tell everyone that we were just friends until our divorces went through, even though he was talking about marriage and buying a house and a 7 seater to fit all the kids in. I stayed at his house for 7 weeks. This was an interesting time. He was away a lot for ‘work’ – weekends, and late nights (assessing claims or out of hours court hearings) , and I didn’t see him much at all. He told me he traveled to New Zealand once or twice a month, and to every state that he managed every month, so it was a lot of time away. This was when he mentioned working for Wesfarmers Insurance as their solicitor and also sales manager. He then told me that there was a new solicitor starting that he had to train up to take over some of his work load. He even went to Sydney to interview these guys. One interview took place in a hotel at the Melbourne airport at 10pm as he had to fly to Canberra the next morning to be admitted to the court or something. At one point he was away heaps even after this new solicitor had started, and when I questioned him, he told me that he had slipped on the steps at work and hurt his back and was out of action for a while. This was when Andy told me he had to go to New Zealand to fire an employee. I dropped him off at the airport and picked him up again. He didn’t call me while he was away saying that he was very busy. He would have his 3 boys every 2nd weekend and every 2nd Thursday night. But on many of these times he had to change the dates or just couldn’t have them due to ‘work commitments’. When the boys were there, they were always interesting times as he didn’t seem to cope very well with them being there. Every night they were there were there, they were made to be in the bath by 6.30 and in bed not making a sound by 7.00 as that was when Big Brother was on. This was on Friday and Saturday nights too. Saturday mornings often I would get up and quieten the kids down so they didn’t disturb him. If he was up with them, he would put the TV on quiet and lie down and sleep on the couch and tell them to be quiet. I commented on this to him plenty of times. I said to him that I never saw him interacting with the kids…when I first came down to Hobart, we took the kids on a picnic, but that was only once. He would always say that he couldn’t wait til we had a 7 seater so I could take the kids and let him sleep. He would sleep on the couch all through the days the boys were there and jokingly say he needed a ‘nana-nap’. He always told his son he had a headache and asked him to massage his head. This was usually followed by taking some pills. (not sure, but think they were panadol or panadein) On one occasion, my son had come down from Launceston and Andy had promised to take all the boys fishing. We were eating breakfast. Andy had a phone call, and within half an hour, the boys were dressed and heading to Burnie overnight with their dad to visit a friend from the Brethren who was having a nervous breakdown due to his kids being still in the Brethren. When I first arrived I was buying all the groceries and cooking meals for everyone – us and the kids. I was always cleaning up after the boys too. Andy would say ‘don’t, I will do it later’ but I couldn’t stand the mess so would clean up. After a while I realized that I probably wouldn’t be getting that visa card, or any help with food. When I questioned him, he said that Grant Tucker said it was a bad idea to give me a visa card while he was still married to Susan. I stopped buying nice food and Andy started buying the groceries…we would often run out of stuff. The boys ate a lot of unhealthy food when I was there, and we would often argue about it as I didn’t like my daughter eating it. He would often be taking pills for his headaches and he would drink lots and lots of alcohol. Sometimes taking his pills WITH alcohol. Every night he would drink and it was always in excess of 4 glasses and on many occasions even more than 1 bottle – sometimes an entire bottle of whisky. When I came down for the 2 weeks that I didn’t have my daughter (when he was helping me to get her back) we would drink every night. I don’t usually do this, but he would come back with boxes of alcohol from the bottle shop. Whisky, beer and girly drinks for me. At first I though it was ok – I didn’t have to work or anything, so I kind of unwound a bit. But when it continued, even after I had my daughter back – I told him that he was drinking too much and it needed to stop. He would get angry and say that he needed it to unwind from his stressful job. He would also give the boys beer to drink at dinner time when they would ask for some of what he was drinking. He would put his youngest son’s in his sippy cup and the other two either had it in their glass or would swig from the bottle when there was a little bit left. He would also mention drug taking a lot. He asked me what I would do if he had friends around who took drugs. I said I would be very uncomfortable with this, especially if there were kids in the house. He said it wouldn’t matter if the kids were asleep, and that they wouldn’t know as he wouldn’t take them, just his friends. I made it quite clear that I would not tolerate drug taking. He asked me on another occasion what I would do if I was at a party where everyone was taking drugs. I said that it was none of my business, but if he ever took drugs that I would dump him then and there. Again he got angry with me and said that I could not tell him what to do and if I told him not to do something that he would do it. He went up to Sydney on one occasion to be with his cousin and they went to some horse races or something. He told me that he had put $100 on a horse and won a few thousand dollars, he then told me that later that day he had put money on another horse and won us a deposit on a house – of $23,000. He sms’d me a blurry photo of the winning ticket, but I never heard about that money again. He said that everyone he was with was taking drugs, and that he went into the bathroom to do it, but decided that he was having enough fun with just alcohol and that he didn’t take them and was I proud of him. I said that I wasn’t as he should never have been in that situation in the first place. He also sat me down at the very start and told me that he had a 2 year old daughter to a girl named xxxx. That when he had been separated from Susan, he was so upset that he had gone out drinking, been drunk and had sex with xxxx which resulted in the child. He said that he had tried after this to reconcile with Susan, but Susan never could forgive him and that was why it ended. He would always stress the point that they had been separated, so Susan had no right to be angry with him about it. Also that Susan had been having an affair with someone else (not sure if this was during their relationship, toward the end, or just after they had broken up), and that he had caught her in bed with a female friend of hers. Once I was down in Hobart, he told me that when he first left the Brethren, that he had lived with a girl and that when he left her she had been pregnant. He said that he had a son who was bout 11 and that he had never seen him. He said he didn’t pay child support and that the mother was raising him and he had no desire to meet him or know what he was like. When I first came back in April, he bought me a $500 bracelet and gave me $500 to go and buy expensive jeans and clothes. He also took me shopping for normal clothes like tops and jackets etc. He had been putting petrol in my car for me every week, sometimes twice a week if I had been to Launceston, since April, right up until the 20th of August 2008. He said that he got a special discount price from work, that he put it on an account and paid it off on visa at the end of the month. He told me that last month he had used over a thousand dollars in fuel and I had used $550.