Another one, this one in Queensland

Andy dated me for a bit too. Around the end of 2011, finishing up early 2012.

We met in a night club when he was on a ‘bucks night’, although I don’t really remember any other males around at the time.

He started texting and ringing, He flew me to Melbourne for the cup,  enticing me by saying we’d be partying with the Sunrise crew, which we just never happened to run into, and also told me he’d booked us business class tickets to Hong Kong for a week holiday, which we never got around to doing (?)

There was never any mention of past partners or children.  I kind of saw him as a bloke who was a bit socially awkward, so that might have explained why he hadn’t been in relationships before.

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His stories were constantly changing, and didn’t really ever follow logical patterns. He was a ‘Lawyer’ who also “owned a traffic control company” which he “sold his share for $4M”. He previously “worked at a channel 7 lawyer”. I didn’t have a lot of interest in anything flashy – I’m not from a ritzy background, it appeared that thee stories became more elaborate the less interested I became. He took me to Tassie, once we had to leave a restaurant because ‘a client who he’d put in jail who got out of jail walked in, so we had to go’. He drove me around pointing out houses that he ‘owned’ which was kind of weird also. I have no interest in property. I never met any of his friends, but he really wanted to become a part of my friend circle. He told me he loved me a few times – which was completely out of the norm – we barely knew each other. I would never return the phrase. He constantly wanted me to feel as though he was very wealthy and happy to flash cash around. He befriended my Mum, that definitely made me uncomfortable. That was a massive red flag. We lived in separate states, he rocked up at my front door one night – which apparently he’d organised with my mum – and I was shocked – and gave a massive “what the fuck are you doing here”. He also asked to be part of my family Christmas, which I wouldn’t invite him to. He made a big effort to make me feel bad for excluding him from this. He still sends me messages occasionally. Strange picture messages of a dog, or lines of cocaine or something to do with my profession. Occasionally I reply and shrug it off, most of the time I just leave the messages unread. I?m very lucky by comparison. It makes me really sad to hear the stories of these other ladies and his children. I’m not sure what he wanted from me, or what he got from me. But I’m disappointed to read what he’s put so many other ladies through. Stay strong Queens.