Andy – and you thought he could change?

Andy.. I didn’t spend a lot of time with him compared to others but still where do I start?


I had the pleasure of having Andy contact me through an online website in August this year. I thought he was a little pushy to start with but seemed nice enough and was messaging me daily.


I ended up in his suburb helping a friend one night, we didn’t live far apart anyway, so I gave in to having a wine with him. When we met I found him well spoken, intelligent, funny and very charming. He told me he was the Commercial Manager for the 7 Network and had a busy role with long hours and the occasional trip away. I had nothing to base this off so I believed him as I always try to have faith in what I’m told… He said I was the kind of girl he’d love to sit on the couch with having pizza and drinking red wine and that he’d love to see me again. The next night that’s exactly what we did as we talked for hours.


We met most nights and went for walks, dinner and drank wine together. We both loved a wine but he also didn’t hide the fact that he didn’t mind the occasional night with recreational drugs. I didn’t have a problem with this as he is an adult, however it did cross my mind as to whether it may have contributed to the odd behaviour I experienced during the time I knew him.


The dissapearing acts then started over the next fortnight. Darwin first then Melbourne. Then he entirely dissapeared on the 4th week for 8 days with minimal contact. He told me he was overseeing the filming of sensitive story within the Church and that it was the worst story he’d ever been associated with in his time with 7. I felt terrible for him and with the very minimal contact it was hard to support him which made me feel even worse. You always want to be there for someone in that situation and I couldn’t be. This was just one story of many though.


I started to develop terrible anxiety at this point, which I realise now was my warning that things weren’t as they seemed. I ignored it, tried to hide it and mask it as I wanted to trust what I was being told. As I’ve now seen he was actually posting on sex sites searching for the best working girls around and the best girls to visit while he was away while I was left at home wondering if he was ok and where he was.. He even posted on sex sites searching for the best “massage” around 3 weeks after I met him.


All of a sudden Andy returned home and things were seemingly back to normal. Wines, non-stop laughs and walks around Sydney after work and on weekends. Then the odd sudden illnesses started though and were being used as a reason why he had to suddenly cancel seeing me on multiple occasions. The nights allegedly spent in bed vomiting, then the ‘weddings’ he was preparing for as he was groomsman which started to take up nearly every weekend. I still don’t believe there was either of the weddings he claimed to attend in the time I knew him but I’d be happily proven wrong..


Then more sudden, last minute trips occurred. Melbourne again to ‘train the new 7 network recruits’ and then the Tasmanian trips started. And occurred nearly weekly. There was even an emergency trip to attend to a sick son in hospital. There was minimal contact for 3 days and upon his return on the Wednesday we met for a wine and he told me all about the hospital, having to read a book and sleep in the hospital chair, the operation and even the conversation he had had with both the doctor and His ex-wife’s about the operation. There was no operation and thankfully no ill son but he returned looking like he’s been drinking and hadn’t slept for 3 days straight. The trip was actually spent lunching and out drinking with various women with only a quick visit to see his children.


On the Sunday of that week he was back at the airport on his way to Tasmania once again. This time to give away and sell his furniture from a house he had alledgedly sold in Hobart to a developer. He told me it’s just a quick trip and he will be back at 5.15pm on the Tuesday so we could see each other that night. This was never going to happen.. he was posting on a Tasmanian for sale website on the Sunday before he left that the items for sale were available to view until the Wednesday..


There was no house being sold to any developer as it turned out. I believe this was an end of lease clean he was doing on a house he had been renting. He even went as far as telling me he was delayed and unable to come home on the Tuesday because of a ‘caveat’ put on the property. This was apparently put on by the gardener who had cut the grass too close to an old shed and he had told council it had asbestos in it. This was now delaying the sale and there was all the address stress of lawyers and council involved now.. a big story with a lot of detail once again.


But as he had told me many times before when I questioned him, I was told to not put pressure on him as he has enough stress already.. I then once again told him to improve his communication and just be honest with me and there would then be nothing to worry about.


By this point I was very suspicious and could no longer ignore the slip ups and changes in his stories and the behaviour that was becoming more and more odd and erratic each week. One night he even told me during dinner about a minor accident he had had on the way there and that he had given the other driver a false name and driven off claiming he didn’t have his licence on him! If I ever questioned him I would be told to trust him, he would never do the wrong thing by me and that we will be ok.


Any text where I asked when he thought he would be home from a trip or what he had done that day out of interest would go unanswered. I questioned that and he told some story of his ex of 4 years in Sydney always demanding he tell her where he is so he now chose not to tell his partner where he was by choice. He said that he was trying to deal with it in his own head and to be a good partner. He would try to reassure me though that he was ‘learning to love a woman’ and to be patient as it was hard to communicate with me as he had ‘real feelings’ for me which he hadn’t had before. He said that all the previous women in his life were easy to keep happy as he had no real feelings, therefore he could lie and tell them whatever they wanted to hear. I should have left at that point. What sort of a man lies to their partner.. then admits it to another women! Who knows if that’s even true though.


It was often like I was dealing with a 10yo child who was having a tantrum.


He did tell me on 2 occasions that he knew the months we had spent together to that point had been bad and that he promised things will improve.  Those promises were in the same place I think all the other promises were of holidays and weekends away. Never to eventuate or be spoken of again..


In the time I knew Andy I wanted so badly to have faith and trust in him.. someone who told me that I can trust him and that things will get better. Seeing him posting on a singles site and on various sex sites rating the workers he had been with was the best thing I did. Suddenly all the anxiety disappeared and I felt at peace knowing the truth. I know he never worked for 7. I know his name is not Andy Merangoes as he had told me.  I know he never bought the apartment he lives in ‘to help out a friend who couldn’t afford the mortgage repayments’, also that he doesn’t have a large property portfolio or any of the other things claimed. Not that that mattered, I wanted him to just be him. Why make up elaborate stories. Is it to impress? Be something you’re not? To fulfil a fantasy?


I don’t hate and I’m not angry but I am hurt at what he did to me. I feel sorry for him for living a life that’s not real when in reality he just works a normal job in sales to pay the bills just like the rest of us. Be proud of that. I did want to write this simple so that other women might question what they hear and it might prevent one or two others losing financially or emotionally because of him. I lost nothing except my time. I did on more than one occasion questioned his expectations of me though and told him not to waste my time which he assured me he wasn’t going to do.


Thank you Andy for reminding me that not everything is as it seems at times and to trust your instincts. I like to see the good in the people I meet and choose to spend my time with. I learnt a lot. Especially that if it all seems too good to be true then it probably is..

He found me on Gumtree!

May 2014 – January 2015

Andy answers an ad on gumtree, I’m looking for a roommate. I later discover at the time he at least had his girlfriend of 6 years who he lived with in Bellerive and a girlfriend in Sydney.

His lies include;  his age, being recently single, that he’s a lawyer and brothel owner based in Sydney who works away a lot, he owned a traffic control business in Hobart and later, his residential address.

He was incredibly jealous, if I ever mentioned something as insignificant as I’d changed the sheets he’d question who I’d had over.  He demanded I wouldn’t see other people (I wasn’t).

I got sick of his absences every second weekend, his unavailability on the phone, his apparent long work hours at Downer.

Not convinced of his stories I started to look for answers.

April 2015:
He finally makes a mistake regarding social media and I get his Facebook name (Andy David) he accidentally sends me a friend request and his second life in Sydney is revealed.

He smears this woman with any lie he can think of. He begs me not to tell her. Tears, anger, manipulation, tells me she will commit suicide and it would be my fault, promises to get professional psychological help. He did it all – I contacted her anyway.

December 2015
His father is killed in a car crash and I feel sympathy. After not hearing for a few days I go over to his house to check in and offer my sympathies. A woman is at the house, he is not. I foolishly decide she must be the cleaning lady, I’ve seen her walking his dog before too.

March 2016
He tells me he’s selling the hair salon he had with the Sydney girlfriend (story goes it’s my fault they broke up but stayed in the business for financial reasons). He tells me a story about others being involved in fraudulent financial activities regarding the business and he just wants to get rid of it.

He’s home in Tassie more regularly so I buy the story of the break up and we become friends again. Catching up for mid week lunch or coffee.
He continues to tell elaborate stories about his brothel (which I had already searched the abn – Cuzzas Pty Ltd if you’re interested – and street address etc and concluded it had been closed for some time. Potentially barely getting off the ground). His traffic control business that he wasn’t even a director of was under external administration and in financial ruin.

Everyday I remember a new story or lie he’s previously told.
i was quite lucky compared to many women who have shared their stories, i am a tiny bit sad for the small part that I believe he was genuinely my friend.
However, I can’t ever forgive the terrible things he’s done and continues to do to good women who give and have given him their hearts or for his children.

Just 17 Days ago…

I first met Andy as a sex worker, almost 2 years ago, when I stupidly accepted a booking after warning from another woman I worked alongside..

Much like the rest of your stories, he was pleasant and very likeable. He was very smooth and knew all the right things to say. I had given him a massage on a regular basis, whilst slowly building a relationship with him. At first our encounters were soley business, which gradually turned more personal and eventually turned intimate (yuk)

Andy loved to talk about himself, no matter the topic, he could talk for hours. Once particular day I asked about his shaved back to which he replied ‘I own a laser clinic and I have been having laser hair removal’ .. Just one of his MANY business ventures… Brothel, hair salon, laser/Botox clinic, massive property portfolio… The list goes on…

I was a fool who believed his lies.

He would visit me at my regular day job, having lunch dates and even breakfast before my ‘massage gig’. I found it hard to believe such a man would want anything to do with me… considering how we met, but he seemed totally ok with what I did, I felt completely at ease. I let him get close to me and that’s when it all began…..

He would play on my emotions, telling me he loved me and couldn’t wait for our future together. For me to meet his kids and have dinner with his ex wife, who he is apparently ‘best friends with’. He made life sound so perfect. Who wouldn’t fall for such a man? This loving man who adored his children and still (supposedly) supported his ex wife. What a catch!

It wasn’t until he started to become distant that I noticed something was up. One minute he’s sending me pictures of him and his dogs blowing kisses, the next, he’s heading off on business and I won’t hear from him for a while.. No notice, just gone. Stupidly I fell for it. It wasn’t until the third time this happened that I realised… every time he would cancel dinner plans was when he would be away suddenly for business. Huzzah! He’s a fucking liar! I tried to call him out on it and was met with a brick wall. I stopped all communication.

From time to time I would get random messages from Andy wanting to catch up, just chat or my personal favourite ‘go away for a weekend’. He didn’t get the message that I want nothing to do with him obviously….

2 years on and I still get seedy random messages wanting to meet up for coffee, asking about my relationship status, where I live and work and so on… The most recent was just 17 days ago.. He must be running out of silly women to dazzle and scorn..

So… whats this all about?

Andrew (Andy) Tchappat, is a misogynistic, sex addicted conman.  He has conned people into believing he is a lawyer, business owner, Casanova, award winner..

He has, in reality, simultaneously, conned hundreds, if not thousands of women into bed, into relationships, into giving him money, even as far as having IVF and promising marriage (Both when he has other relationships on the go, or even when already married).

Aside from the fact that he has passed himself off as a lawyer and other roles he has no qualifications for, we believe he has been involved in several cases of deception, possibly even fraudulent behavior.

In short… this blog is all about exposing him.  To make women (and men alike) aware that he is a dangerous psychopath who is not to be trusted.

For further history, read on, and look at this blog:

Andy Tchappat: A Warning

And again…a man with 1000 lies!

My experience with Andy was relatively brief however confusing and disturbing all the same. A friend whom had connected with him on Facebook suggested that I contact him since we both lived in Tasmania. I messaged him on 27th March 2008 and he was pretty quick to reply. He told me that he had 3 sons, aged 5, 3 and 2. He told me that he was a lawyer, that he had recently left channel 9 and had started with Wesfarmers Insurance. He claimed to be still married but separated for the last 6 months. I had asked if he just had the three boys or any other children, and he said, and I quote ”I have my 3 boys and no hidden ones I know about..”. He also claimed that he had not been seeing anyone during the past 6 months, that he wasn’t really interested and was happy focusing on his work. We had a few dates in amongst many messages and emails over a period of about 5 months, before I told him that I wouldn’t accept being treated so poorly. We’d catch up and have a wonderful time, he would talk about our plans for the future with ease and excitement, but then cease contact for a week or two, sometimes even more. I guess that was to be expected with the amount of women he was investing time into. Andy has no regard for anyone other than himself and his behaviour is disgusting. He talked about growing old together, traveling and meeting all of my family, that he couldn’t wait to meet my daughter and for me to meet his boys. He expressed his feelings so openly it actually was a little surprising. The details in which he gave about his life and the information of mine that he retained made it almost impossible to believe that he was anything but genuine. The only good thing to come out of meeting Andy has been the wonderful women it has put me in touch with once we realised the truth about him and I’m very grateful to have not let myself get too close to him. I’m sorry for all the women he has lied to and am pleased to see him fully exposed!

More Multiple Affairs

I was reacquainted with Andy on Facebook on 23rd April 2008.  He was a year below me in Highschool and his ice breaker to me was he had a crush on me back then.  He seemed to know a lot about me already so I didn’t doubt him.

The following week he came up to lton..and we had dinner.  Straight up he was telling me he loved me and wanted to be with me.  Over the next couple of months he told me he was extremely busy at work and it was necessary for him to travel to Adelaide often to help set up the new branch of his company, Statewide.  When he was away I was lucky to get an email or text once a day..i questioned him on this and he told me to be patient and things would go back to normal soon.  At this point also I might add he convinced me to deactivate my Facebook account.

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May 10th he went to Adelaide for “business” and I hardly heard from him. When he returned he told me he had smashed his phone and lost my number..he was very frantic when I called him. June 4th Id had enough waiting and being patient and told him to go sort his sh$$ out and come back to me only when he had. He cried on the phone and told me he loved me etc etc..he even told me he was applying for a transfer and we were going to move away together!! I didn’t hear from him again until last week, I changed my mobile number and texted my whole contact list with my new number..forgot he was on it. He phoned me straight away told me he couldn’t live without me etc etc and we arranged to meet (last night) to discuss things. He told me about you XXXXX, he said you were an old work friend whom he had kept in contact with and he caught up with you and your husband, Nick regularly. There is so much more I could add regarding the lies he told. Things like referencing that Grant Tucker (a local lawyer) had passed the bar at the same time as he did. He also claimed he had represented Mick Gatto! He mentioned he’d previously had testicular cancer to gain sympathy I can only assume? He talked a lot about his relationship with his ex wife, Susan saying that they were still great friends but that her best friend had tried to join him in the shower at one point, so she shouldn’t be trusted. He mentioned when he was with living with xxxxxx briefly after Susan and he had split that she refused to allow him any photos of his kids in the house, but plastered hers all around. I knew there was something off about Andy from the word go so I kept him at arms length, my instincts were right!!! He also caused trouble for me because I’d dated someone in local government in the past and he falsely told people that this person was the father of my children and had been violent towards me. All fabrications, which infuriated the man concerned obviously. Things constantly come back to me regarding the crap he told me. He doesn’t scare me at all. I hope this helps in some way to warn others and stop him.


Another one, this one in Queensland

Andy dated me for a bit too. Around the end of 2011, finishing up early 2012.

We met in a night club when he was on a ‘bucks night’, although I don’t really remember any other males around at the time.

He started texting and ringing, He flew me to Melbourne for the cup,  enticing me by saying we’d be partying with the Sunrise crew, which we just never happened to run into, and also told me he’d booked us business class tickets to Hong Kong for a week holiday, which we never got around to doing (?)

There was never any mention of past partners or children.  I kind of saw him as a bloke who was a bit socially awkward, so that might have explained why he hadn’t been in relationships before.

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His stories were constantly changing, and didn’t really ever follow logical patterns. He was a ‘Lawyer’ who also “owned a traffic control company” which he “sold his share for $4M”. He previously “worked at a channel 7 lawyer”. I didn’t have a lot of interest in anything flashy – I’m not from a ritzy background, it appeared that thee stories became more elaborate the less interested I became. He took me to Tassie, once we had to leave a restaurant because ‘a client who he’d put in jail who got out of jail walked in, so we had to go’. He drove me around pointing out houses that he ‘owned’ which was kind of weird also. I have no interest in property. I never met any of his friends, but he really wanted to become a part of my friend circle. He told me he loved me a few times – which was completely out of the norm – we barely knew each other. I would never return the phrase. He constantly wanted me to feel as though he was very wealthy and happy to flash cash around. He befriended my Mum, that definitely made me uncomfortable. That was a massive red flag. We lived in separate states, he rocked up at my front door one night – which apparently he’d organised with my mum – and I was shocked – and gave a massive “what the fuck are you doing here”. He also asked to be part of my family Christmas, which I wouldn’t invite him to. He made a big effort to make me feel bad for excluding him from this. He still sends me messages occasionally. Strange picture messages of a dog, or lines of cocaine or something to do with my profession. Occasionally I reply and shrug it off, most of the time I just leave the messages unread. I?m very lucky by comparison. It makes me really sad to hear the stories of these other ladies and his children. I’m not sure what he wanted from me, or what he got from me. But I’m disappointed to read what he’s put so many other ladies through. Stay strong Queens.


The Real Lawyer’s Story

I could write a book! but lets keep it simple:

These are the lies I was told by Andrew Tchappat:

Out of the blue one day in 2008 I got a phone call. He introduced himself as ‘Andy’ and told me he was my friend’s boyfriend. He was calling me because she needed Family Law advice. He told me HE WAS A LAWYER but specialized in Commercial and Corporate, but that he was helping her by preparing her papers and affidavit and just wanted to make sure he was on the right track as Family Law was not his area.

Andy called me several times. At first it was strictly business’ preparing court documents for my friend. But he was never with her and wouldn’t let me speak to her.

At the time I had just left my ex-husband, who was a violent narcissist.
Andy said he could help me. He said he had been AN UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICER and still had ties within the force.

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I gave him the advice he needed, told him how to edit the affidavits (which I found a little odd? all lawyers know hearsay is inadmissible but he didn’t seem to realise, anyway?). He told me that she would be representing herself as he was not able to appear in the Family Court (but strange given it is a National Court, but again, whatever!) Throughout this whole process he stressed I should not talk to my friend. Now, reading her story, it seems he was claiming we talked for hours every night. Wonder who he was talking to??? Also, given his property law experience and that he was LEGAL COUNSEL FOR WESFARMERS on a national level, I actually asked him legal advice for my work!!! He responded in email, from his work address, with a signature block that said he was ‘legal counsel’! He said he had NUMEROUS PROPERTIES in Tasmania. It didn’t take much research to find out that the properties he said he owned were not his. He claimed he had them in different names to avoid child support payments. He said he was a CORPORATE LAWYER, but didn’t seem to know the first thing about legal practice. He didn’t even recognize the most well-known cases from law school. His company was looking to expand into the Canberra space and he was looking at a potential office space. He listed the address of the space, which was already leased. And to a local liquidation company! not Wesfarmers! After a month or so, he told me he had broken up with my friend. That things weren,t working out. I messaged her over FB to see she was OK, but she didn,t know what I was talking about. It seemed odd. I told him so. He turned on me and told me not to talk to her anymore, that SHE WAS CRAZY. He must have told her the same about me ? because she stopped speaking to me too? I received an email one day from a girl (not my friend) claiming to be his girlfriend. She suspected he was cheating on her and was gathering information. I spoke to her, and his ex-wife and suddenly there were about 10 different girls whom, he was either pursuing or in a ,relationship, with. These girls were in NSW, SA and Tas. After I questioned him about all of this, HE THREATENED ME that if I ever told anyone about any of this story he would ruin me. I remember being so scared I turned my phone off for days. The most dangerous thing about Andrew is that he somehow gets you to believe so strongly in the things he tells you that you just go with it. Despite now reading back on all this I feel stupid, and gullible, and most of all like a really bad friend? How could I turn my back on my friend and trust him just because he told me to??? Luckily, he didn,t succeed in pulling my friend and I apart. Through his lies, we are closer. The network of friends I have made through this situation is amazing. If you,re reading this and you too have been a victim of his lies, please know you are not alone and that we are all here to support you. Love and light, Queens!


A Brother’s Concern

27th August 2008

To whom it concerns,

I, xxxxxxxxxx, have know Andrew David Tchappat since March 2000 in his capacity as partner to my sister, Susan, and father to my nephews xxxxxxxxxxt. In that time I have found him to be an abuser of alcohol, a drug user, a narcissist and severely dishonest.

He has on multiple occasions glorified the abuse of alcohol in front of his children, and to his children. I remember one particular instance when xxxxxxxxxxwas about 2 years old of him holding the beer he was drinking up to xxxxxxxxxx’s mouth and encouraging him to drink it. This behaviour resulted in xxxxxxxxxx often asking for beer to drink, which I understood as an effort to copy his father. Andrew would laugh about this and show no recognition to xxxxxxxxxx of the potential for alcohol to be a dangerous substance. I often witnessed Andrew drink alcohol to excess in front of the children and he would be disengaged and unhelpful with all tasks related to caring for the children, leaving all the work to Susan.

On many occasions Andrew confessed his drug use to me, he would regularly smoke marijuana and try to hide it from Susan. He also claimed to regularly use ecstasy and cocaine when it was available to him. This drug abuse became apparent to me, when one night he arrived home in a psychotic state and cowered in the dark in the lounge room fearful and believing that he was being followed. Susan took him to hospital to be assessed, and he was given a perfunctory diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. I was present when he subsequently admitted that this episode was brought about by his drug use that night. I have no reason to believe that Andrew has changed his ways in this regard.

Over the years I have known Andrew he has displayed the ability to weave extremely complex and intricate stories that are relayed as fact, but which in actuality are tremendous lies. I believe that Andrew is particularly skilled in deception. An example I experienced was when he told Susan that he was required to leave her and the three children on Susan’s birthday and travel to Singapore for his work as the South-East Asian manager of Johnson-Diversey (a lie in itself). In a subsequent confession he admitted that he had in actual fact been in Brisbane conducting an illicit extra-marital affair. The level of detail he went to to maintain this lie was uncanny. He would describe his surroundings and experiences in great detail on the phone and we had little choice but to assume nothing was amiss.

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This aspect of Andrew’s personality is already showing signs of rubbing off on his children. xxxxxxxxxx has developed a habit of telling complex, detailed and blatantly false stories too, which he also presents as fact. I worry that his father’s continued influence will reinforce this habit and nurture it from imaginative play to deliberate lying. In my experience from when Andrew and Susan were still together, Andrew was generally inattentive towards his children. Susan was almost solely responsible for both practical care-giving and discipline, comfort and emotional security. The attention Andrew did pay the boys always had the appearance of “putting on a show”. He would sometimes effuse about how much he loved them, but I never once saw him play with them and he rarely took them on solo outings except at Susan’s insistence. This inattentiveness hasn’t changed since his separation from Susan. For example at 6:30pm on the 13th of August 2008 I rang Andrew’s house where the children were staying that night to speak to xxxxxxxxxx to wish him a happy birthday. Andrew told me that I couldn’t speak to xxxxxxxxxx because he had been put to bed. This was a whole hour earlier than the boys usual bedtime and is consistent with the testimony of Andrew’s former live-in lover xxxxxxxxxx, that he would put the boys to bed as early as possible so he didn’t have to deal with them. It is my belief that Andrew Tchappat is unfit to have unsupervised access to his children. I believe the harm inflicted upon xxxxxxxxxx by his example is unbearable. His poor standard of care and his dishonesty make him unsuitable to take care of himself let alone take care of his children. I sincerely hope that any access to his children in the immediate future is only allowed with the supervision of a functioning adult. Yours Sincerely, xxxxxxxxxx


A Letter for the Courts

27 August 2008

For your solicitor

Today I spoke with Sergeant John King at Launceston Police Station about Andrew Tchappat’s work as a civilian under-cover operative. He advised me that the Tasmanian police use no undercover civilians at all and never have.

Andrew claimed he was receiving cash payments from the Commander for the undercover work.

Andrew claimed to have had police training in the use of hand-guns and had to attend certification shoots.

Andrew claims to have been involved in the surveillance of a supposed known criminal, at Ravenswood on drug dealing and was involved in subsequent arrest.

Andrew claims to have accompanied a prisoner on a flight to Melbourne and another being transferred by road from Launceston Remand Centre to Risdon Prison, stating to us that it was David Henty.

Andrew claimed to us that he was on under-cover surveillance work on poppy crops at Tasmanian Alkaloids.

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None of the above claims by Andrew are true! They were just excuses to be away from home and his family! Two years ago my wife and I were shown bruising by Susan on her upper left arm, with marks indicating extreme force being exerted by someone’s fingers. Susan stated that it was done by Andrew in anger when she confronted him with telling lies. Andrew admitted to us that he has on occasions taken cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana, and when combined with the excessive amounts of alcohol he drinks, his whole demeanour changes to that of a very aggressive, paranoid, deluded and out of control person. Whilst under the influence of these substances he uses unacceptable language and his behaviour is inappropriate in front of his young children. Andrew regularly drinks excessive amounts of alcohol and has been seen to flout the law by then driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Andrew claims to be studying Law but no evidence has been found to support this claim. Andrew repeatedly spoke to us regarding personal matters relating to his family, most of which, unfortunately we cannot substantiate. There was one story however, in which he had claimed his mother was a Queen’s Counsel, working with both Launceston and Sydney courts. This story was repeatedly told to us until, when questioned further by Susan at a later date, he admitted that he had told lies to cover up his embarrassment over his perception that his mother lacked intelligence. As a result of these issues, we feel that it would be counter productive for Andrew to be solely in charge of his children, as their ongoing welfare is of concern to us. Ian & Anne Kershaw Maternal Grandparents