Kate’s Story

My name is Kate and I’m the first girl Andrew got with 19 years ago. I first met Andrew when he was working for his fathers company. We hitted off really well and I thought he was a lovely guy. He asked me out but I wasn’t really that keen on going out with him but anyway we ended up going out. We had started a relationship that got very serious quiet quick. One night he ended up on my doorstep and said he had left the church and his family had kicked him out and he had nowhere to go. Andrew moved in with me and also left his fathers company. Andrew was very warming and got along so well with my family and classed them as his own family and they treated him like a son. After being together for a couple of years we them got engaged and we decided to take my parents to Melbourne for a few days. Before we had planned our trip we had both decided to try for a baby. I was very young but everything was going so great between us and we had our whole future planned. So anyway while we were in Melbourne we conceived our son. I was only 5wks pregnant when I started to become very sick with the pregnancy and had to be put into hospital a few times. At this point Andrew was working as a security guard at the gorge in town and at nights at pubs.


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I trusted Andrew but was always a little nervous as he told me before we got together he was with a gorgeous top model called Sara. He told me how totally gorgeous she was and that he loved her so much which always made me feel not good enough. So long nights started to happen and Andrew would work very late and come home and jump straight in the shower. A good friend of ours had told me he had been fooling around with some ladies after work at the pubs, being very heavily pregnant and still sick I didn’t have the energy to even think or believe this. Andrew would go and get me and my family takeaways and sometimes be gone for hours and telling us oh the shop was shut I had to wait for it to be open. He would also come home from working at the gorge with love bites on his neck but tell me an insect bit him!! He also got stung by a bee and had a reaction so was taken to hospital and told the nurses his chest was shaved because he was a private investigator and had to wear a wire!! He also pulled over a kid on his bike and told the kid he was a cop. Andrew was always very obsessed with my grandfather as he was a retired cop. Ok so I went into labour and was taken to hospital and was in labour for 19 hours, Andrew slept on the couch at the hospital most of that time while my mum helped me give birth. Our son was finally born and I was ready to come home but Andrew kept making up excuses on why I couldn’t come home yet. So a few weeks went by and mum and I was in town pushing my son along in the pram and this very abrupt woman stopped me in the mall demanding her key back to her place. As shocked as I was hearing this lady bellow at me saying Andrew had been seeing her for quiet a period of time and had a key to her place. So then others started to come out and his so called friends pulled the pin on him and told me about all the women he had been with. I at this point was not dealing well with any of it and also having a new born baby was all too much. He told this lady I was in hospital on suicide watch so he couldn’t leave me but in fact I was giving birth to our son. So I then got a call from his mum telling me even more truths and that Andrew had never had a girlfriend I was his first which explains a hell of a lot now. I finally left him but always told him he could see his son whenever he wanted but unfortunately Andrew wanted nothing to do with our son. Few years later he met Susan and was still in contact with me not to find out how his son was but just to see if I would jump into bed with him. Susan and Andrew were getting married and the night before they got married he ended up on my doorstep asking if he could have sex with me. I slammed the door at him and told him to piss off. 18 years on Andrew still has nothing to do with our son but to this very day still messages me wanting dirty weekends away and telling more and more lies to me and sending me naked pics of himself. My son has grown into a very lovely young man and to this day doesn’t know his father. I’m sure I’ve missed so much out on my story but this is just a peek at my story with him.