Andy – and you thought he could change?

Andy.. I didn’t spend a lot of time with him compared to others but still where do I start?


I had the pleasure of having Andy contact me through an online website in August this year. I thought he was a little pushy to start with but seemed nice enough and was messaging me daily.


I ended up in his suburb helping a friend one night, we didn’t live far apart anyway, so I gave in to having a wine with him. When we met I found him well spoken, intelligent, funny and very charming. He told me he was the Commercial Manager for the 7 Network and had a busy role with long hours and the occasional trip away. I had nothing to base this off so I believed him as I always try to have faith in what I’m told… He said I was the kind of girl he’d love to sit on the couch with having pizza and drinking red wine and that he’d love to see me again. The next night that’s exactly what we did as we talked for hours.


We met most nights and went for walks, dinner and drank wine together. We both loved a wine but he also didn’t hide the fact that he didn’t mind the occasional night with recreational drugs. I didn’t have a problem with this as he is an adult, however it did cross my mind as to whether it may have contributed to the odd behaviour I experienced during the time I knew him.


The dissapearing acts then started over the next fortnight. Darwin first then Melbourne. Then he entirely dissapeared on the 4th week for 8 days with minimal contact. He told me he was overseeing the filming of sensitive story within the Church and that it was the worst story he’d ever been associated with in his time with 7. I felt terrible for him and with the very minimal contact it was hard to support him which made me feel even worse. You always want to be there for someone in that situation and I couldn’t be. This was just one story of many though.


I started to develop terrible anxiety at this point, which I realise now was my warning that things weren’t as they seemed. I ignored it, tried to hide it and mask it as I wanted to trust what I was being told. As I’ve now seen he was actually posting on sex sites searching for the best working girls around and the best girls to visit while he was away while I was left at home wondering if he was ok and where he was.. He even posted on sex sites searching for the best “massage” around 3 weeks after I met him.


All of a sudden Andy returned home and things were seemingly back to normal. Wines, non-stop laughs and walks around Sydney after work and on weekends. Then the odd sudden illnesses started though and were being used as a reason why he had to suddenly cancel seeing me on multiple occasions. The nights allegedly spent in bed vomiting, then the ‘weddings’ he was preparing for as he was groomsman which started to take up nearly every weekend. I still don’t believe there was either of the weddings he claimed to attend in the time I knew him but I’d be happily proven wrong..


Then more sudden, last minute trips occurred. Melbourne again to ‘train the new 7 network recruits’ and then the Tasmanian trips started. And occurred nearly weekly. There was even an emergency trip to attend to a sick son in hospital. There was minimal contact for 3 days and upon his return on the Wednesday we met for a wine and he told me all about the hospital, having to read a book and sleep in the hospital chair, the operation and even the conversation he had had with both the doctor and His ex-wife’s about the operation. There was no operation and thankfully no ill son but he returned looking like he’s been drinking and hadn’t slept for 3 days straight. The trip was actually spent lunching and out drinking with various women with only a quick visit to see his children.


On the Sunday of that week he was back at the airport on his way to Tasmania once again. This time to give away and sell his furniture from a house he had alledgedly sold in Hobart to a developer. He told me it’s just a quick trip and he will be back at 5.15pm on the Tuesday so we could see each other that night. This was never going to happen.. he was posting on a Tasmanian for sale website on the Sunday before he left that the items for sale were available to view until the Wednesday..


There was no house being sold to any developer as it turned out. I believe this was an end of lease clean he was doing on a house he had been renting. He even went as far as telling me he was delayed and unable to come home on the Tuesday because of a ‘caveat’ put on the property. This was apparently put on by the gardener who had cut the grass too close to an old shed and he had told council it had asbestos in it. This was now delaying the sale and there was all the address stress of lawyers and council involved now.. a big story with a lot of detail once again.


But as he had told me many times before when I questioned him, I was told to not put pressure on him as he has enough stress already.. I then once again told him to improve his communication and just be honest with me and there would then be nothing to worry about.


By this point I was very suspicious and could no longer ignore the slip ups and changes in his stories and the behaviour that was becoming more and more odd and erratic each week. One night he even told me during dinner about a minor accident he had had on the way there and that he had given the other driver a false name and driven off claiming he didn’t have his licence on him! If I ever questioned him I would be told to trust him, he would never do the wrong thing by me and that we will be ok.


Any text where I asked when he thought he would be home from a trip or what he had done that day out of interest would go unanswered. I questioned that and he told some story of his ex of 4 years in Sydney always demanding he tell her where he is so he now chose not to tell his partner where he was by choice. He said that he was trying to deal with it in his own head and to be a good partner. He would try to reassure me though that he was ‘learning to love a woman’ and to be patient as it was hard to communicate with me as he had ‘real feelings’ for me which he hadn’t had before. He said that all the previous women in his life were easy to keep happy as he had no real feelings, therefore he could lie and tell them whatever they wanted to hear. I should have left at that point. What sort of a man lies to their partner.. then admits it to another women! Who knows if that’s even true though.


It was often like I was dealing with a 10yo child who was having a tantrum.


He did tell me on 2 occasions that he knew the months we had spent together to that point had been bad and that he promised things will improve.  Those promises were in the same place I think all the other promises were of holidays and weekends away. Never to eventuate or be spoken of again..


In the time I knew Andy I wanted so badly to have faith and trust in him.. someone who told me that I can trust him and that things will get better. Seeing him posting on a singles site and on various sex sites rating the workers he had been with was the best thing I did. Suddenly all the anxiety disappeared and I felt at peace knowing the truth. I know he never worked for 7. I know his name is not Andy Merangoes as he had told me.  I know he never bought the apartment he lives in ‘to help out a friend who couldn’t afford the mortgage repayments’, also that he doesn’t have a large property portfolio or any of the other things claimed. Not that that mattered, I wanted him to just be him. Why make up elaborate stories. Is it to impress? Be something you’re not? To fulfil a fantasy?


I don’t hate and I’m not angry but I am hurt at what he did to me. I feel sorry for him for living a life that’s not real when in reality he just works a normal job in sales to pay the bills just like the rest of us. Be proud of that. I did want to write this simple so that other women might question what they hear and it might prevent one or two others losing financially or emotionally because of him. I lost nothing except my time. I did on more than one occasion questioned his expectations of me though and told him not to waste my time which he assured me he wasn’t going to do.


Thank you Andy for reminding me that not everything is as it seems at times and to trust your instincts. I like to see the good in the people I meet and choose to spend my time with. I learnt a lot. Especially that if it all seems too good to be true then it probably is..

Just 17 Days ago…

I first met Andy as a sex worker, almost 2 years ago, when I stupidly accepted a booking after warning from another woman I worked alongside..

Much like the rest of your stories, he was pleasant and very likeable. He was very smooth and knew all the right things to say. I had given him a massage on a regular basis, whilst slowly building a relationship with him. At first our encounters were soley business, which gradually turned more personal and eventually turned intimate (yuk)

Andy loved to talk about himself, no matter the topic, he could talk for hours. Once particular day I asked about his shaved back to which he replied ‘I own a laser clinic and I have been having laser hair removal’ .. Just one of his MANY business ventures… Brothel, hair salon, laser/Botox clinic, massive property portfolio… The list goes on…

I was a fool who believed his lies.

He would visit me at my regular day job, having lunch dates and even breakfast before my ‘massage gig’. I found it hard to believe such a man would want anything to do with me… considering how we met, but he seemed totally ok with what I did, I felt completely at ease. I let him get close to me and that’s when it all began…..

He would play on my emotions, telling me he loved me and couldn’t wait for our future together. For me to meet his kids and have dinner with his ex wife, who he is apparently ‘best friends with’. He made life sound so perfect. Who wouldn’t fall for such a man? This loving man who adored his children and still (supposedly) supported his ex wife. What a catch!

It wasn’t until he started to become distant that I noticed something was up. One minute he’s sending me pictures of him and his dogs blowing kisses, the next, he’s heading off on business and I won’t hear from him for a while.. No notice, just gone. Stupidly I fell for it. It wasn’t until the third time this happened that I realised… every time he would cancel dinner plans was when he would be away suddenly for business. Huzzah! He’s a fucking liar! I tried to call him out on it and was met with a brick wall. I stopped all communication.

From time to time I would get random messages from Andy wanting to catch up, just chat or my personal favourite ‘go away for a weekend’. He didn’t get the message that I want nothing to do with him obviously….

2 years on and I still get seedy random messages wanting to meet up for coffee, asking about my relationship status, where I live and work and so on… The most recent was just 17 days ago.. He must be running out of silly women to dazzle and scorn..

So… whats this all about?

Andrew (Andy) Tchappat, is a misogynistic, sex addicted conman.  He has conned people into believing he is a lawyer, business owner, Casanova, award winner..

He has, in reality, simultaneously, conned hundreds, if not thousands of women into bed, into relationships, into giving him money, even as far as having IVF and promising marriage (Both when he has other relationships on the go, or even when already married).

Aside from the fact that he has passed himself off as a lawyer and other roles he has no qualifications for, we believe he has been involved in several cases of deception, possibly even fraudulent behavior.

In short… this blog is all about exposing him.  To make women (and men alike) aware that he is a dangerous psychopath who is not to be trusted.

For further history, read on, and look at this blog:

Andy Tchappat: A Warning

The Blog that Started it all…

So… this is what started it all.  For the Original Link, click here…  We posted it on facebook and low and behold, it all came out…. If you have a story about Andrew David Tchappat, please tell us your Story

Real Name: Andrew “Andy” David Tchappat.
Names Used: Andy Champeret, Andy Champerret, Andy David, probably other Italian or French sounding surnames.
Phone: I won’t publish – contact me for details.
Profession: Claims he is a commercial solicitor for Channel 7, working on TV shows such as Sunday Night, Home & Away, Sunrise. Is actually a Regional Manager for Gerard Lighting Group.
Age: 39; sometimes claims younger (eg 36).

read more…

Significant Details: – Spider tattoo on shoulder; – Claims he is after a normal massage and is surprised about extras on offer; – Quickly turns things personal asking for real name, info about personal life etc; – Intense communication followed by distance; – Grew up in then escaped from the Exclusive Brethren in Launceston in late teens; – Claims he owns a brothel in Sydney, name given of Bella Mia at 25 Kellett St Potts Point/Kings Cross, and/or a hairdressing salon; – Served on Rural Alive and Well (RAW) Board in Tasmania for several years; – Parents Italian and French; three kids; – Claims he lives in Double Bay in Sydney but likely resides in Hobart around Tranmere. One of the hardest things about being a sex worker, and one of the reasons it is so important that the industry is recognised for its legitimacy, is the difficulty sex workers face in holding people accountable when they behave badly. This doesn’t just relate to physical assault, but when someone takes advantage emotionally or financially. There is not just the fear of exposure, but concerns that the stigma surrounding our work will pre-colour our reputation and we won’t be believed, especially if the person who has taken advantage is an otherwise upstanding person. This makes us easy targets for those who like to prey on vulnerability. This problem is further amplified by the fact that we meet people in isolation. The person who walks in the door could be anyone. If something goes wrong we may not even be able to identify them. And if, as sometimes happens, the relationship shifts to the real world, we start off on the back foot: we have no connection to their real lives such as friends, family or work colleagues. It’s a bit difficult to ask someone for name, address and Medicare number before even having a drink with them. There is an “Ugly Mugs” program that logs and shares information about problem clients amongst the industry. However it is limited by several factors. The biggest is the depth of information about the mug, for the reasons outlined above. It is very hard to identify someone from appearance, attitude and maybe a phone number. There is also dissemination. Even the most tenacious sex worker will struggle to gain access to all the Ugly Mugs Australia-wide, which is particularly problematic because many clients specifically see sex workers when they’re travelling. A known Ugly Mug from Sydney might be completely unknown in Adelaide. Moreover, the Ugly Mug program is dependent on workers making the report, which may not happen due to fear, embarrassment or, when the issue is emotional or financial, not feeling it is significant enough to warrant one. The importance of the Ugly Mug program cannot be understated. Because sex work is still largely closeted, sex workers often only have themselves and each other on which to rely when problems arise. So this is a story about an emotionally Ugly Mug, in the hope that it will help prevent other sex workers (and women in general) from being sucked into this web. A few weeks ago I had an erotic massage client in Hobart named Andy. He told me up front – literally almost as a spiel at the beginning of the booking – that he was from Double Bay in Sydney and worked as a commercial solicitor for Channel 7 on the television show Sunday Night. He also told me that he had been after a regular massage but couldn’t get a booking and a google search had turned up my advertisement and he’d thought, “what the hell”. During the course of the booking he mentioned that he owned a brothel in Kings Cross in Sydney. Much of this didn’t make sense to me. Commercial TV networks do not typically employ in-house lawyers for particular TV shows. The owner of a brothel would surely know what a massage advertised in the adult services section is about, and for that matter there would have been plenty of options for a normal therapeutic massage. However, a client can be whoever they want during the booking (within reason). Whether it’s a cover story or playing out a fantasy, part of my job is to go along with that. Andy and I seemed to get on extremely well. The conversation flowed freely and easily about a range of topics. So at the end of it when he asked me out I accepted and messaged him from my personal phone. Some sex workers are steadfastly averse to going out with clients. I am not one of them. I meet hundreds of men every year, and I believe that I am bound to genuinely click with a few of them. I also have a couple of close friends who have wonderful long-term partners who started out as clients. I figured that as we got to know each other I would get clarity on the elements of his story that didn’t make sense. Over the course of the afternoon and into the night, Andy’s communication was intense. There were dozens of messages, many of them extremely personal asking me about my life, relationship status and sexuality, and statements about how much he liked me and our meeting being “meant to be”. He said he would take me out on Sunday, then cancelled that strangely before rescheduling to lunch the following Thursday when he said he would be back in Hobart. After a lull of a couple of days, on Wednesday the intense communication resumed, with more personal questions and revealing comments. At lunch on the Thursday, Andy and I talked for four hours. He told me that he had grown up in the Exclusive Brethren, a strict religious sect, and escaped from that when he was in his late teens. He shared stories about his time and work at Channel 7. We also talked about his brothel and sex work generally. He told me it was called Bella Mia in Kings Cross, that he had purchased it a couple of years prior on a bit of a whim and discussed with me how different workers operated and the challenges he faced with its operation, particularly the linen. He also provided me with information about himself: that he had been married once for about 10 years (divorced for eight), that he had three kids, that his mother was Italian and his father French-Swiss, and that his surname was Champeret, which he even went out of his way to spell for me. That night the messages flew back and forth with both of us talking about how excited and happy we were and discussing our evening plans. In particular, Andy stated the importance of honesty: that he expected it from me and would give “100% back”. We met for breakfast the following morning and made dinner plans. Dinner was cancelled on account of him having to go back to Sydney early for work. After that communication dropped off substantially. I’d receive the odd message and only an occasional response to mine. Any time I queried when he might be back I’d get no response, and the day came and went for him to return with absolutely no communication whatsoever. Thinking, based on our prior communication, that it was pretty clear we were in the beginning stages of a relationship, I explained that this style of engagement wasn’t working for me and queried whether anything was wrong, to which I received assurances that it wasn’t, that he was just busy and that he’d let me know if he was no longer interested. When nothing improved I pushed a bit harder and he criticised me for placing too much pressure on things. I began to get suspicious so I googled him. Nothing appeared for an Andy Champeret, or an Andy David, which was the name used on his Facebook page. Channel 7 had no record of anyone by either name and nothing I could find about lawyers who did work for Channel 7 matched up with him. Assuming by this stage that he had given me a fake name and fake profession I did some digging using the Exclusive Brethren reference and a couple of others as a base and eventually discovered that his name is Andrew Tchappat and he works as a Regional Manager for Gerard Lighting Group, and is based in Tasmania. Before I discovered this I came across an ad he had placed in the Personal Services Casual Encounters section of Locanto, posing as a 36-year-old businessman looking for a “regular massage” in Bellerive in Hobart. This rang a bell with me because he had approached the original booking under the guise of being after a normal massage. In an effort to try to gather information that way, a friend had messaged him pretending to be another sex worker responding to his ad. After my breakthrough about his identity, Andy happened to respond. An intense period of communication, nearly identical to the ones he had had with me, ensued. He claimed he was just after a normal massage and the possibility of extras was a shock; pushed for real personal details within the initial conversation and asked to check me out on Facebook; talked about how much he was enjoying the communication and wanted to get to know the person; and revealed that he was a commercial solicitor working for Channel 7, this time on the TV shows Home and Away and Sunrise. As I wanted to confront Andy about his deception, I took the opportunity to arrange a coffee date for the Wednesday morning. I assumed I’d surprise him, there would be an argument and that perhaps I’d be able to scare him off doing this again. Instead he seemed almost pleased to see me and after initially trying to defend himself he placated me, explaining himself based on his childhood growing up in the Exclusive Brethren making him a mess. It crossed my mind that he seemed oddly detached. Then he asked for a second chance, if we could start over. I had no problem with him having a cover story in the booking, but I objected to him maintaining that once we met up personally, especially the degree to which he added depth to his story. I was also conscious of the fact that his story seemed to be more than just a cover story to protect his identity, rather into the realm of playing out a fantasy. And while I could understand his difficulty in figuring out how to explain himself, I was bothered by the fact that he went out of his way to talk about the importance of honesty, and had kept the charade going and me on a hook for weeks even when it was hurting me. However, after some thought and a discussion about what would need to happen from his end to rebuild things, particularly about honesty, I agreed. Almost immediately things started to fall apart. One of my requirements was that his communication improve, and I received assurances that the only reason for his absenteeism was the fact that he was lying; therefore, he said, he would always get back to me. This didn’t happen: casual messages were still sporadically answered, and any suggestions about us catching up received silence. The only difference this time was that when I questioned him I’d receive justifications, but that quickly started to get wearing, especially when they didn’t add up. Another of my requirements was that we have dinner, because I was suspicious about his specific lack of commitment to and communication during evenings, but no plans were made for this. Catching up was still a daytime event. The nagging feeling in my gut returned. In addition, I began to get annoyed with his attitude. If I raised or wanted to raise an issue I would first have to listen to him talk about some extremely difficult issue he was having in his life that was evidently much more important, then he would become defensive, and then the discussion would be turned around into problems he was having with the way things were between us. If I persisted, he’d deflect to another more pleasant topic, normally one he knew I couldn’t resist. Unwilling to tolerate this behaviour I found myself again having the blame placed at my feet, told that I was being unreasonable, not accommodating his needs and placing too much pressure on the situation. I turned myself inside out mentally and emotionally to try to work things out, but to no avail. Eventually I put my foot down, which was met with an angry response telling me to go away. Unable to escape my unease, I googled some more. During our confrontation, and in the time we spent afterward, Andy remained adamant that he owned a brothel named Bella Mia, and told me that the address was 25 Kellett St Potts Point. There is no such brothel in Sydney that I can find (or any variation thereof). 25 Kellett St doesn’t appear to exist; if it does it certainly isn’t a brothel. Kellett St (and the nearby area) has a number of establishments, it’s a well-known street for them, an easy place to reference. He also told me that it was the anniversary of his father’s death. His father was killed in a car accident that, according to The Examiner, occurred in December 2014 not August. Who knows what else he has lied about, and what he is hiding. There are so many inconsistencies in things he said. Two co-workers then confirmed for me that they’ve seen him several times for erotic massages. One had a near-identical story to mine – what he’d told her about himself; turning it personal very quickly and asking for her Facebook; dozens of intense messages; meeting for coffee. This was going on recently, at around the same time he was engaging with me. Throughout Andy’s and my time together he had enough stories and knowledge about the sex industry to make me think that he had some association with it. Given he doesn’t seem to own a brothel, my conclusion is that he must associate or have associated with a number of sex workers. My concern, based on the fact that he has taken the same approach with several sex workers and is so comfortable and brazen with his lies, is that he repeatedly and frequently plays this game. When I googled him if something like what I have written had appeared I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. So I am hopeful that in writing this I can perhaps put some people’s minds at ease and spare future targets. Alternatively, perhaps the Exclusive Brethren can just take him back. #shitpunters