Impacts everyone!

Ive known Suse for nearly 20 years and have been privy to many a story along the way.

Even after deciding to leave him, he was still such a suffocating part of her life.

My earliest memory was after they had first met and he seemed to have moved in within no time at all and had so many outrageous stories to tell and I wasn’t sure if he was just trying to impress or whether he was just a wanker lying his way through life.

I was in regular contact with Suse over the years until she moved to Hobart and remember when she was still in Launceston, hearing they had broken up..which I found very strange as they were still very much together and in the final stages of their last pregnancy.  I mentioned this when I went to visit her and she said it wasn’t the first time she had heard it that week.

Another memory that comes to light is when he gave us a huge Coles bag full of marijuana leaf asking if we knew any one who would want it…it was evidence that had been taken during a ‘raid’ he’d done during his undercover work.

Another memory is Suse telling me how he made her think that SHE was the one going insane.  He’d tell a a story and then he’d recount it at a late date and she knew it wasn’t what he’d originally said and when she questioned him he would talk his way out of it, like she hadn’t heard the full story properly. In the end to protect her sanity she told me she had started a diary to keep notes of what he was saying so she could recheck facts he’d previously stated.

I remember her telling me he said he’d been overseas for work and came back with the pumpkin patch stuff for the kids, went on a hovercraft and bought a heap of duty free alcohol…all bullshit as he’d been in QLD with his other woman.  When Suse questioned him on where the duty free alcohol was, that he didn’t have on him after he got home, he secretly called a cab and ordered alcohol to be delivered.  Not long after the doorbell rang and he guessed it was the cab delivering the supposed duty free alcohol he’d left behind.  I believe he’d paid for it on the credit card so he was easily caught out later on.

I recall him also telling my partner when we were visiting about this very rare and highly expensive whiskey that had been given to him at work and offered him a glass.   Later that day we were at the bottleshop stocking up on alcohol and there on the shelf was this ‘rare’ and very expensive whiskey as standard stock.

There’s other random stories that I recall over the years as they popped up, but don’t have enough detail to describe and list them here.

All through this Suse has tried to make the separation as painless as possible for the boys, letting them see him and be a part of their lives.

She always made a point of never bagging Andrew out to boys, as he was still their father, but just couldn’t explain his behaviour sometimes to them.

She never had to ask much anyway as the boys would always report back what strange things had happened on their last visit to Dad.

Hopefully getting this story out will help Suse move on with her life and protect others from the crazy ways of Andrew.