More use and abuse…

Oh gee where do I start with this creeper?
Met him approx early 2014 off a dating site. Same old story, turned on the charm, showered with compliments, intense messages (100s a day). Like everyone else only available for day time dates and it didn’t take me long to tweak something was up. I assumed he was married, and cut contact within a few weeks of the usual pattern of ignored texts and excuses of where he was etc. being what was I thought the start of a relationship which he very much seemed to want I was like everyone else- believing I was the crazy one! He seemed very “up” and high when meeting up with him.  Assumed on something! I work in the medical profession and I recall he would mention narcotics a lot, once asking my thoughts on taking three Endone for a headache!!  He also gave the impression he was father of the year, wealthy and very busy! Mentioned the brothel, very quick to brag about accomplishments but seemed in he’s own world. I simply wasn’t interested and could see through he’s shit. Ultimately I wasn’t able to be a victim as I chose not to be. I hope you lovely ladies bring this creeper down before he does something or passes on stds or something! Would
Not trust him to not do something bad!